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Dino Exhibit


Models of dinosaurs found in the local area are part of the display.

Just who is the Paleo Dude and what does he have to do with Emery County? Visitors to the Museum of the San Rafael on Dec. 6 were introduced to the Paleo Dude and the exhibit involving him. A celebration was held to introduce Emery County residents to the discovery of eight new dinosaur species in Emery County. The Cedar Mountain display was unveiled as Rep. Brad King explained that three years ago, Dan Johnson of Chevron Texaco's Denver office spoke with Don Burge from the College of Eastern Utah Prehistoric Museum about the possibility of educating the students of this area to the wonders of their own backyards.

Johnson and Burge began work on a project that would entail a traveling exhibit that would visit each elementary school in Carbon and Emery counties. This project has taken three years to fund and construct. It is now making the rounds to the schools. The reception was a celebration and introduction into what has been produced and will educate the elementary aged students to the discoveries that can be made in the local area.

Elementary schools in both counties will house the exhibit for a month long period. Teachers are given 28 lesson plans to use in conjunction with the exhibit. These lesson plans were the work of Tammy King, curator of education at the CEU Museum. The lessons involve many aspects of education that can be incorporated in the core curriculum. Among the topics covered are geology, ancient environments, science, math and social studies. Denise Thayn, exhibit coordinator at CEU museum, was the graphic designer for the project.

Another facet of the exhibit will be the involvement of "Paleo Dude." John Bird will visit each school for one day during the exhibit's stay. He will be available to visit classrooms, answer questions and even have lunch with the students. Paleo Dude will serve as the hands on educator and will be teaching the students how a "dig" works.

The dinosaur exhibit is presently at Wellington Elementary and will finish out this school year in the Carbon County elementary schools. Next fall, the exhibit will begin appearing in the Emery County elementary schools.

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