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DWR Fishing Report

Southeastern Region Updated Feb. 11

CLEVELAND RESERVOIR WARNING! - The Cleveland-Huntington Irrigation Company is releasing water from Cleveland Reservoir. This has created dangerously unstable ice conditions. The DWR strongly advises all winter recreationalists to stay off this reservoir until the spring thaw.

HUNTINGTON CREEK - Access to the creek continues to be tough due to fresh snow and ice. The creek is frozen in most places.

HUNTINGTON NORTH RESERVOIR Fishing continues to be slow. Ice fishing has been slow much of the winter, even though the reservoir was stocked with 600 rainbow trout brood fish on Sept. 16 and with another 700 half-pound brown trout in November and December.

HUNTINGTON RESERVOIR - (above Cleveland Reservoir) Fishing success continues to be good. Anglers have been using light-colored jigs (white, pearl or light gray), tipped with a night crawler. Tiger trout have ranged between 12-14 inches.

JOES VALLEY RESERVOIR WARNING! - Water is being drawn from the reservoir, making ice conditions dangerous! Anglers are urged to stay off this reservoir until the spring thaw.

MILLSITE RESERVOIR - Conservation Officer Mike Milburn checked the reservoir last weekend and reported fair fishing for 10- to 13-inch rainbow trout.

SCOFIELD RESERVOIR - Fishing success is variable, but has been improving. Dedicated Hunter John Hreinson checked anglers last Saturday and reported good to excellent fishing conditions. Cutthroat and rainbow trout ranged between 12-16 inches. A variety of offerings worked on Saturday. White, green or chartreuse jigs tipped with a night crawler, PowerBait, blue and yellow ice flies, and wax worms all seemed to work. Sgt. Carl Gramlich fished mid-week and indicated that fishing success had slowed down. Carl recommends that anglers be on the ice very early. The catch slowed down after 9:30 a.m. He used white jigs tipped with a worm.

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