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Lady Pirates Play at State Tourney

Adriana Cordova and Heidi Vetere fight for the ball.

There were some who suspected the Lady Pirates might not make it to the state 1A girls basketball tournament, but with a win over Meridian on Feb. 16, in Salt Lake; they were on their way to the Sevier Vally Center. The Lady Pirates played the St. Joseph Jayhawks. The Pirates were hampered by a full court press by the Jayhawks and had trouble getting the ball down the court.

They trailed by 31-21 at the end of the first half. In the second half the Pirates changed their strategy a bit and when the Jayhawks double and triple teamed the Pirates they threw the long pass down court to Heidi Vetere who waited patiently near the basket. The Pirates dug in and were able to pull within five points at one time, but then the game just seemed to slip away to the older more experienced Jayhawks. The Pirates lost 48-59.

Pirates scoring against the Jayhawks were: Adriana Cordova, 7, Aubree Dinkins, 6, Charlene Vetere, 2, Heidi Vetere, 8, McKenzie Spadafora, 4, Ciji Vetere, 15 and Whitney Bigelow, 5, Amanda Watterson, 1.

The Pirates played Milford on Thursday and lost by a score of 43-50. Cordova had 16 points, Dinkins, 6, Charlene Vetere, 2, Heidi Vetere, 8, Ciji Vetere 9, and Bigelow, 2.

The Lady Pirates are a young team with Amanda Watterson being the only junior and no seniors on the team. Cordova, Charlene Vetere, Heidi Vetere, and Spadafora are only freshmen. Ciji Vetere, Aubree Dinkins, Andrea Thornton-Silliman and Whitney Bigelow are sophomores. The Pirates won't lose anyone to graduation and if these girls stay together then the future looks bright for girls basketball at Green River High.

The Lady Pirates are coached by Greg Parsons and Stan Parsons.

The boys' basketball team will play in Castle Dale on Thur.

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