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Klondike Fever


Scouts Gather for Annual Event at Huntington State Park

Scouts pull their scout leader in this lively game of bowling with your scout leader as the ball.

If you saw all of the tents and camps recently at the Huntington Lake State Park, you may have wondered if someone had lost track of time and thought it was spring. But, the scouts who met at the lake for their annual Klondike winter camp thought the weather cooperated just fine. What's a winter camp without some falling snow and freezing temperatures.

The Buckhorn District scouts gathered to test their endurance at the annual event. They cooked traditional scout food and participated in scouting events which help fulfill requirements for needed badges along with activities just for fun.

They set-up their camps on Friday and spent the night and awoke to freshly falling snow on Saturday. This didn't deter the scouters who carried on with their games. The scouts moved by troop from station to station where they participated in ice bowling and scout leader bowling where the scout leaders were used as the ball. They played a ring toss game, practiced transporting victims in blankets, listened to a presentation on winter safety by Joe Patterson and participated in sled races. They also threw logs to test their strength.

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