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Letter to the Editor: Thank the Liberal Democrats


Dear Editor,

Since this is an election year, I would like to ask one thing of my fellow citizens. When you go to the polls to vote this year, please pause and remember all the "wonderful" things liberal democrats have given us over the years. If you cannot think of any, I would like to remind you of these. Abortion is one of the lovely things we can thank them for. Thanks to them a woman can go and get pregnant and if she does not feel like having it, she can go and have the baby sucked out and flushed down the sewer. We can also thank them for all of the moronic gun control laws we have now. Also remember we can thank the liberal democrats and their main man Bill Clinton for locking up one of the largest deposits of clean burning coal in the world. But that is OK, the people down on the Escalante Plateau can make a great living washing bed sheets for tourists. Yipee!

We can also thank the liberal democrats for the fact we are so reliant on foreign oil. Thanks to them and their environmentalist buddies we cannot drill for oil on own lands like the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. Remember this every time you go to the gas station. Remember that Al Gore, who came so close to being president it scares me, said in his own book if he had his way, we would be paying $5 for a gallon of gasoline.

Thanks to Al and the liberal democrats, we are on the way. We can thank them for the wilderness areas that are being rammed down our throats. And now, we can thank them for the current assault we are putting up with by homosexuals who think the have the same rights to marry as straight people. Democrats get 10 percent of their campaign contributions from gay activists.

We can also thank them for the current terrorist problem we have. Please remember that Al Qaeda hit us five time during the Clinton administration and nothing was done. If you think John Kerry is any different from his predecessors, you are sadly mistaken.

Well folks, the hits just keep on rolling for the liberal democrats and their left wing buddies. I know I will remember all these things come election day. Until the decent people that used to run this party take it back and clean out the trash that is currently running it, it will be a cold day in Hades before any democrat gets my vote.

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