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Cross Country Cocaine Bust

The Emery County Drug Task Force participated in a cocaine bust that spanned from Emery County to Omaha, Neb. On March 5 at 2:13 a.m. an Emery County deputy stopped a vehicle on I-70 at mile post 157 that was traveling 90 mph in a 75 mph zone. The vehicle contained a male and woman occupant. When the officer asked for a drivers license, the driver could not produce one and was only able to give a Nebraska identification card and no drivers license. The registration showed the vehicle to belong to a Mayra Lopez from Omaha, Neb. The driver said the vehicle belonged to a friend, although he could not remember the name of the friend.

The officer attempted to talk to the female occupant but she was unable to communicate in English. The male acted as an interpreter for the female. The male indicated that the pair was married, but the female gave a different address. She also had a Nebraska identification card. The male also indicated that the owner of the vehicle was in California. The officer asked if the pair was carrying anything illegal and if they would consent to a search of the vehicle. The pair consented and the officer searched the vehicle and also deployed the canine drug officer. The dog alerted the right side passenger door and the officer removed a couple of screws in the panel and saw a kilo sized package of a controlled substance.

At this time, assistance for the officer arrived and both subjects were taken to the Green River Substation. An Emery County detective was also alerted and began his investigation. Five kilos of cocaine as well as small amounts of marijuana were recovered. The Emery County Sheriff's Office contacted the Drug Enforcement Agency and they in contact with the Emery County Drug Task Force determined that arrangements would be made for a controlled delivery to Omaha, Neb. The couple was very cooperative in giving the information needed for such a controlled delivery.

The people in Omaha where the delivery was to be made were in constant contact with the subject hauling the cocaine by cell phone. One member of the drug task force accompanied the suspects and vehicle to Nebraska. Upon arriving in Nebraska, two search warrants had been obtained to the places where the cocaine was to be delivered. In one stash house, two pounds of crack cocaine and two loaded pistols were recovered as well as drug paraphernalia. New model vehicles were also seized. At the first home raided in Nebraska, approximately 20 SWAT team members as well as the Emery County Drug Task Force aided in the search.

Sheriff Lamar Guymon said, "The couple originally bought the cocaine in California for transport back to Nebraska. We are extremely proud of our Emery County deputies who aided in the removal of five kilos of cocaine from the street. They did an excellent job in this case." Two females and three males were arrested in Nebraska.

Cooperation between the Emery County Drug Task Force and the DEA was instrumental in bringing these criminals to justice.

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