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Local Girls Win Big

Taylor Ockey races barrels in Salina.

Local girls AnnDee Adams, Taylor Ockey and Teigan Adams had a great year in 2003 and they are off and running the barrels in 2004. All three girls belong to the American West 4D Barrel Racing Association. This association covers all the states from California to Texas and is gaining recognition even further east than that. They have a finals barrel race in Reno, Nev. and awards are given for the finals and for the state winners from each state.

Taylor Ockey is the 10 year old daughter of Scott and Bobbi Ockey of Orangeville. AnnDee is 13 and Teigan is 9, they are the daughters of Gary and Amy Adams of Castle Dale.

During the 2003 season, AnnDee Adams won the youth year end award for the state of Utah. Taylor Ockey finished fourth in the youth and Teigan ninth place in the youth. AnnDee won a saddle for first in the youth and she also finished ninth in the open for the state of Utah. Taylor received a nice vest with the American West logo for fourth place. Year end awards were given to sixth place.

All three girls competed throughout the state of Utah during the 2003 year which ran from October 2002 to September 2003. AnnDee and Taylor did venture into Wyoming for one weekend of barrelracing.They made sure that the Wyoming girls knew they were there.

On Labor Day AnnDee and Teigan were recipients of electric scooters when they won the youth averages at a huge barrel race in Salina. These barrel races pay money in different divisions making it possible for AnnDee to win the second division and Teigan to win the fourth division. Not to be outdone Taylor made a run in the open barrel race that placed her high in the third division and netted her enough money to buy an electric scooter. They can be seen scooting around Castle Dale and Orangeville on their scooters.

Both families traveled to Reno, Nev. in October to allow AnnDee and Taylor to compete in the American West 4D Finals. Both girls ran two horses and both had good showings there. They attending an awards banquet that honored the State Year End Winners where they received the awards they had won.

Taylor competes on two horses Grover and Mac, she won most of her money on Grover but is getting better and better on Mac. AnnDee competed on two horses Whiskey and Tink. She never knows which horse is going to win the money. Teigan competes on her horse. Watch for great things to come from these three girls in the years to come.

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