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Political Season Begins

Democrat Joyce Staley conducts a caucus meeting at the county building for local democrats.

Political parties at the grass roots met in their local caucuses on March 23. Democrats and Republicans alike throughout the county selected delegates to attend the state conventions to be held later in the year.

Candidates vying for positions in 2004 include: 14 candidates for the office of Governor: Olene Walker-incumbent; Nolan E. Karras, Parley G. Hellewell, James V. Hansen, Gary R. Herbert, Marty Stephens, Fred Lampropoulos, Jon M. Huntsman Jr. and Gary L. Benson, all Republicans; Ken Larsen and Lawrence Ray Topham, People's Choice Party; Richard Mack, Libertarian; Stone Teiko Fonus, Constitutional Party; and Democrat Scott Matheson, Jr.

Three candidates for attorney general: Republican Mark Shurtleff-incumbent; Democrat Gregory Skordas; and Libertarian W. Andrew McCullough.

Four candidates for state auditor: Republican Auston G. Johnson-incumbent; Democrat Carlos Vasquez; People Choice candidate Valerie S. Larsen; and Libertarian Mike Stoddard.

Four candidates for state treasurer: Republican Edward T. Alter-incumbent; Democrat Debbie Hansen; Peoples Choice candidate Mary A. Petersen; and Libertarian Jim Elwell.

In the second congressional district, the seven candidates are: Democrat Jim Matheson-incumbent; Republicans David Wilde, John Swallow and Tim Bridgewater; People's Choice candidate Ronald R. Amos; Constitutional Party candidate Jeremy Paul Petersen; and Green Party candidate Patrick S. Diehl.

Emery County Commission race: Republican Drew Sitterud-incumbent; Republican Joseph M. Macdonald; Republican Louis John Sansevero; Democrat Mark H. Williams; and Democrat Gary L. Petty.

Three school board positions are open with the three incumbents running unopposed. They are Laurel Johansen, Sam Singleton and Rue Ware.

The Utah Senate District 27 position is currently held by Mike Dmitrich. Others vying for that position are: Vickie Syphrett Peterson, Phillip O. Peay and William P. Sharp.

District 69 representative Brad King is running unopposed for that district seat.

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