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Letter to the Editor: Matheson's Proven Record Benefits Emery County

By KIM PLAYER - Cleveland, DEWAYNE FOWLER - Huntington, MaryElla Fowler - Huntington, Fonnie Youngblood - Orangeville, JOYCE STALEY

When we read Mike Bardon's letter to the editor in the Emery County Progress entitled "Time For Change" we were amazed and a little saddened by the authors' failure to understand the facts of Congressman Matheson's record representing us in Congress.

For those of us who have paid attention to what our Congressman is doing, Congressman Matheson's ability to appreciate the issues facing rural Utah has been more than satisfying. He voted in favor of President Bush's Healthy Forests Initiative�which is something that will help rehabilitate our forests and in most cases provide economic opportunities for rural areas.

Congressman Matheson is also the only member of our Congressional Delegation that has been working to find a solution to the century old conflict over the Gooseberry Narrows conflict. This is an issue that would have major detrimental impacts on the water source for Carbon and Emery counties.

Congressman Matheson is the only member of our delegation that has introduced legislation to amend President Bush's No Child Left Behind Act�an act that has disproportionate negative impacts on rural Utah. And rural Utah will also benefit from Congressman Matheson's attempts to ensure health effects are considered before nuclear testing is resumed in Nevada.

Congressman Matheson voted for the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act that was signed by President Bush in November�in fact the President even invited Matheson to be present at the signing of the bill; He also voted in favor of the Unborn Victims of Violence Act.

Congressman Matheson is representing the interest of Rural Utah.

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