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ATV Damage in Wsa

Staff Writer

Abusers ignore posted signs in Sids Mountain WSA

Efforts to stop vehicles from traveling through marked areas are themselves run over.

Sometime before March 21, several ATV riders who were in the Coal Wash area of the San Rafael east of Ferron, did damage to the area by riding off the marked trails and traveling across a wilderness study area. A tip was received by the Emery County Sheriff's Office concerning the identity of the riders.

An officer began the investigation, which led to the citation of six Emery County residents. The subjects will stand trial before Judge Stan Truman and could face fines, jail time and restitution. In addition to the tip the Sheriff's Office received, there were a number of ATV club members who called and complained. They also contacted the BLM and county commission. The ATV club asked for extra patrols in the area. Sheriff Lamar Guymon said, "Be aware that there are people watching for illegal activities on the public lands."

There are five WSAs in the San Rafael area of Emery County. These areas are closed to motorized travel and are surrounded by land open to limited, conditional use for motorized vehicles.

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