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Letter to the Editor: Two Peas in a Pod


Dear Editor,

The democrats and their public relations firm, the mainstream press have puled out all the stops with their vicious and baseless attacks on our president. They now have what they call proof the president was asleep at the wheel before 9-11. The only problem is the guy they have making the accusations has told two completely different stories. Richard Clarke worked for both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. He says there was no higher priority to the Clinton administration than fighting terrorism. What a joke, In 1997, Bill Clinton said the most serious issue facing America was race. And his VP Al Gore was running around telling us the most serious threat to the world was the internal combustion engine.

I am not the smartest guy in the world but I don't recall the Clinton administration doing very much at all about terrorism, including talking about it. I think Richard Clarke had two reasons for what he said in his testimony, to sell a book and to settle a score by damaging the president because he did not get the job he wanted in the Bush administration. It has also been revealed Richard Clarke is a lifelong democrat contributor. The main reason, however, this man should not be trusted is he has told at least two different stories about the Bush administration. He says they were doing something about Al Qaeda, then he changes his mind and says they were doing nothing. He says they had changed policy toward terrorism, then he changes his mind and says they had no policy change. And he says nothing about the five attacks during the Clinton administration. He says nothing about the fact these attacks went pretty much unchecked by the Clinton administration.

The thing that really angers me is the democrats had eight years to address this problem and did virtually nothing. The did manage to blow the hell out of an aspirin factory in the Sudan and put a couple of guys in jail. And now they have the audacity to try to destroy the only man who has done anything about it.

Here is the thing that shows the fallacy of the Get George Bush, I mean the 9-11 Commission. The democrats on this commission are criticizing the Bush administration for not being pre-emptive on terrorism before 9-11. But these same people are criticizing him for his pre-emptive strike on Iraq. He can do nothing right in these peoples eyes because of who he is. Make no mistake about what Saddam Hussein was. A friend to terrorists. He helped train them and he paid money to the families of Palestinian homicide bombers. I remember after 9-11 this president declared war on terrorism, not terrorism approved by the democrats.

I can only see one useful thing that has come out of the 9-11 hearings. John Kerry has a running mate in Richard Clarke. They can have all kinds of fun changing stories together whenever it is politically expedient. They are two peas in a pod.

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