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Letter to the Editor: Child Abuse Investigation

Green River

Dear Editor,

Child abuse is a nationwide problem. The FBI investigates child kidnapping or sexual offenders, who kidnap children for sex. And rightly so. Our laws are not uniform. State administration branch of welfare investigates child abuse and cannot keep track of sexual abusers of children, as DHS has two kinds of lists. One is for convicted sexual abusers and the other is for more welfare monies appropriated by the federal government and to prevent witnesses for parents in juvenile courts, by using the administration list, which is not accurate.

It is partly the fault of state legislatures who allow expertise witnesses in juvenile courts (state welfare workers and DHS) to make the administration list as being substantiated sexual abusers. Then they include the parents and children on this list. Then with the childrens attorney (ad litem attorneys) who are supposed to represent children, in reality represent the welfare administration. All for more welfare.

The foster care plan is designed to take as many children five years of younger for more welfare money. This money is appropriated by the federal government, "The Mondale Act" which pays $6,000 for each child a year until they reach 18 years of age.

A welfare administration branch of government investigating child abuse violates the United States Constitution. It is a psychological plan to control juvenile court. Other states have similar problems.

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