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Grub Box Honored as Business of the Year

Julie Robinson is honored by Eric Howes for business of the year.

Grub Box was recently honored by the Emery County Chamber of Commerce as the business of the year. Eric Howes presented the award.

The Grub Box in Ferron is a spot that everyone considers a favorite stop for a meal and a chance to relax. Julie Robinson is responsible for making this a great Emery County attraction.

Julie and Jay Robinson moved to Ferron from American Fork in 1982 when Jay started to work at the Hunter Power Plant, In 1984, Julie started to work at the Grub Box for Jolene Winn. She purchased it from Jolene in 2003 after 20 years, she has become a permanent fixture.

Anyone who stops there is important to Julie. She has many special people that receive much attention and she gives special care to help them with their needs. Many physically handicapped, those who are alone and those with other problems go there each day because of the loving care she gives them. When the missionaries stop by she always has a dinner for them. She thinks of others before herself.

She is a bundle of energy. When she is not preparing an order, she is scrubbing and polishing.

Even though she had back surgery a few months ago, she still proceeds in high gear.

Yes, it is great to have the Grub Box in our area.

Thank you, Julie, for making this a popular business in our area.

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