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Beginners Luck at Flaming Gorge for Ferron Youth

Robbie Knop with his 38 pound mackinaw.

Robbie Knop, 14, from Ferron, succeeded in fulfilling a dream, in just three days during his first trip to Flaming Gorge Reservoir, that most avid fishermen try for a lifetime to do.

After being on the water only 15 minutes, Knop hooked and landed a 38 pound mackinaw, after much reservation the fish was released. Down went the fishing gear again, faster this time, and another 11 pound mackinaw was caught and released. The second day brought bad weather, so the day was spent touring the area.

By the third day word had spread through the marina. Once on the water, with other boats watching and following, Knop caught, landed and released another 33 pound mac.

Father Mike and stepmother Sheila conceded to boat captain and deck hand. Robbie left Flaming Gorge holding first and second place for the largest Mackinaw caught so far this year. Needless to say, he is ready to go back.

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