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Home at Last


Castle Valley Soldiers arrive home from Iraq

Local soldiers ride in a parade honoring their safe return. A police escort travels with them down Helper and Price main streets.

The 1457th Engineering Battalion is back on American soil. They were honored in parades in Price and Helper on Saturday.

The police escorted the battalion into the cities. Joyous crowds lined the streets and the parks in both communities.

In Helper, the Helper Junior High pep band played for the troops and the Sally Mauro singers and members of their studentbody sang songs for the returning heroes.

The towns were decked out with flags and yellow ribbons in honor of the safe return of the battalion.

The students at Sally Mauro presented the soldiers with a banner they had all signed at the time when the battalion left in February 2003. They requested they hang it in their National Guard Armory.

Returning soldier, Jason Pierce of Huntington said, "It's good to be back. I bought a new 4-wheeler and I've just been out playing with toys. I am trying to find a job, hopefully with Savage or if not I'll go back to Swift. The toughest part of being gone was being away from family and friends." Valarie Pierce said, "It's great to have him back and he's loving being home. He will be in the guard for three more years. Jason has also been engaged for a few months and will be getting married soon."

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