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Canino Leon Fundraiser

Canino helps Joy Humphrey with the raffle.

Canino Leon is a great 7 year old kid who is suffering from an extremely rare syndrome called Klippel-Treaunay-Weber Syndrome. Because of the syndrome, he has the complications of a deep vascular malformation, which results in limb overgrowth. He experiences a lot of pain when exposed to cold weather and there are significant psychosocial issues that result from the lesions on his body and face.

Canino is a second grader at Huntington Elementary School and a Cinco De Mayo celebration fundraiser was held to help his family raise the funds to help pay for the surgeries that he needs at this time. His family has no insurance and state assistance is not possible. A series of three surgeries is needed to relieve some of his pain and hopefully keep the condition from becoming debilitating in his young adulthood.

A dinner was held and a live auction, as well as a silent auction and some fun activities were held for the children.

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