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County Residents Fined in ATV Damage Case

ATV damage took place in a wilderness study area.

Six Emery County residents pled guilty to vehicles on posted land, a class B misdemeanor, in Justice Court on May 11. State statute 41-22-10.1. states that currently registered off highway vehicles may be operated on public lands, trails, streets or highways that are posted by sign or designated by map or description as open to off highway vehicle use by the controlling federal, state, county or municipal agency. The six residents were in an area clearly barricaded and posted as closed.

Judge Stan Truman heard the pleas and sentenced the residents to each pay a fine of $250 and 50 hours of community service. The community service hours are to be worked through the Bureau of Land Management or an off highway vehicle club.

Jeffery Walkenhorst, Lana Walkenhorst, George Shurtleff, June Shurtleff, Preston Shurtleff and Cord Hansen were all present in court for the action. Lana Walkenhorst was additionally charged with a class C misdemeanor charge of interference with a public servant, to which she was fined an additional $555 fine and 30 days in jail.

The jail time will be stayed upon satisfactory completion of the community service and payment of the fines.

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