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Emery County Care and Rehab celebrates


A week of activity for National Nursing Home week and Mother's Day

Many family members took the opportunity to read their tributes to their moms.

Tributes were read to the mothers at the Emery County Care and Rehab Mother's Day luncheon. A mother of the year was selected and her letter read: We believe our mother Tessie Jensen should be nominated "Mother of the Year" for the following reasons: Tessie was born Sept. 7, 1911. She has lots of friends to whom she is devoted and whom are devoted to her. She raised a family of 10 children and a loving caring husband whom she worked her whole life for. She raised and watched her children grow to adulthood when things weren't as plentiful as they are now. They all survived, though it was hard. There was so much love in this family that it still shows to this day.

Tessie was always there at anyone's time of need. She always had a pan of homemade bread and a loving smile saying come on in, sit down, and have some dinner. There was always enough. Her children have given her many grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren to carry on her love and many memories. Tessie is 92 years old.

We love her very much and want her to know this.

Nursing home week continued at the center with many activities throughout the week. They decorated the halls and Hula Dancers performed for the residents. They had a Western Day and everyone dressed in western attire. A petting zoo was also held and cloggers performed. A fifties day with a staff bbq and sundaes for the residents was held on May 12. A guest speaker discussing long term care and medicaid benefits came to the center on May 13. An open house was also held that day where the public was invited.

The week culminated with Sports Day where relay activities were held throughout the day and wheelchair races involved the residents.

Jason Giatras is the center director. The Mother of the Year was chosen from a random drawing.

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