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MECCA Spring Bike Festival


Dayna and Kim Player get ready to ride.

The MECCA Bike Club held their annual San Rafael Swell Bike Festival recently. One-hundred forty eight participants came to the three day event. Registration began at the John Wesley Powell River History Museum in Green River. Rides of varying degrees of difficulty were held on the Swell. The Sheriff's Posse cooked a dutch oven dinner for the riders which was held on Saturday night at the museum.

Sheriff Lamar Guymon said there were 48 more riders than the previous year which was a substantial increase. Riders came from throughout the state and also from Nevada and Colorado. The Black Dragon ride on Sunday had 60 riders. Guymon also mentioned that Channel 5 covered the event and will have television coverage on their station in the future. Plans are also underway for the MECCA ride which will be held in the fall at the Wedge.

The San Rafael Swell Bike Festival was originally founded 18 years ago by the Carbon County Recreation. The MECCA bike club took over the festival eight years ago.

"It is a real family event, a real mellow, laid back, wholesome activity which attracts riders of all ages and abilities," said Guymon.

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