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for Jennie Defriez, Sub-zero Temperatures could Not Extinguish the Fire Within

Being a torch bearer and representing not only Logan but also her hometown of Orangeville, was a dream come true for Jennie Sitterud Defriez. Even the temperature of seven below zero with a wind chill factor of 15 below could not dampen the fire that had been lit within her.

As she got off the bus, Jennie was met by family, friends, and students that had come from miles around to see her fulfill her Olympic moment.

As her torch was lit by the previous bearer, Jennie let out a "whoop" and began her journey. For three blocks, she was greeted by yells, cheers, and even tears, as she made her way towards the next flame recipient.

Awe and even pride followed her all the distance as her husband, son, and parents, brothers, and sisters followed her with every stride she took. She was making family history and family memories.

As Jennie passed the flame on, excitement of the experience and the magnitude of the moment overcame her as she hugged her brother, sister and husband. Tears flowed freely as she said this was one of the greatest moments of her life; one that she will remember and cherish forever.

Jennie will bring her torch home to Orangeville and share her experience with the students of Cottonwood Elementary on March 8. Afterall, it was in this setting that Jennie was taught to follow her dreams; strive hard and you can achieve anything.

Jennie's proud parents are Kirk and Karen Sitterud of Orangeville. Her grandparents are Neldon and Lola Sitterud also of Orangeville, and Bud and Lena Christensen of Price.

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