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Letter to the Editor: Iraq Abuse Scandal

Martinez, Calif

Dear Editor,

The Iraq "detainee/prisoner" abuse scandal and detainee abuse scandals at other United States detainee facilities, have yet to be fully determined.

These "detainee/prisoner" abuse situations would not have mushroomed as they have, were it not for the arbitrary and secret environment they are cast into.

In contrast, consider our criminal-system where "suspects/prisoner" are: given Miranda warning; allowed a phone call; gets legal representation; and can have visitors. Here our Rule of Law system works, because a humane system of transparency/respect/openness, discourages dark/secret environments.

The United States can regain our moral high ground by: prosecuting all the aiders and abettors of detainee abuse; adapt our Rule of Law system for "all" detainees; re-affiliate with the International Criminal Court treaty; and more truly interact with other nations.

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