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Huntington Heritage Days Rodeo Royalty


Queen Division-age 15 and up: Queen Paige Motte, second attendant Raelynne Colton-Romero, first attendant Davie Stokes.

Lil Princess Division-age 9 and under: Lil Princess Cindi Stevens and first attendant Alli Ockey.

Princess Division-age 10-14: Princess Kelby Farnsworth, first attendant Teigan Adams and second attendant Lexie Stokes.

Queen Division-age 15 and up: Queen Paige Motte, first attendant Davie Stokes and second attendant Raelynne Colton-Romero.

Contestants were: Alli Ockey, Cindi Stevens, Allie Jo Stokes, Lexie Stokes, Teigan Adams, Holly Hatch, Kelby Farnsworth, Kelli Seevers, Paige Motte, Davie Stokes and Raelynne Colton-Romero.

The Heritage Days Queen Contest was held on June 3 to select royalty for the upcoming Heritage Days celebration on July 2-4 in Huntington.

Winners were:Princess category, Sydni Ekker, queen, Kelcy Faimalo, attendant, Mikah Sacco, attendant, Jordan Ward, attendant.

Miss Heritage Days category, Chelsea Killian, second attendant, Betty Jones, queen and Hannah Jensen, first attendant.

Junior Miss category, BrittLee Ward, first attendant, Kelsi Ekker, queen, Jessica Jensen, second attendant.

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