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Shine On: 2004 Miss Elmo Pageant

2004 Royalty: (back) Amber Barff, Tiffany Olsen, Heidi VanWagoner, (front) Tandi Olsen, and Whitney Murdock.

The Miss Elmo Pageant was held on June 26 at Cleveland Town Hall. Contestants were Jayla Weston and Tandi Olsen for the Miss Tiny Tot category; Brooklyn Fish and Whitney Murdock for Little Miss Elmo; Amber Barff and Kylee Jennings for Princess; Tiffany Olsen, Shylo Pearson and Stacy Villa for Jr. Miss Elmo; and Heidi VanWagoner for Miss Elmo. Reigning Queens were Erin Anselmo, Miss Elmo; Amy Lofley, Jr. Miss Elmo; Katelin Mortensen, Princess; Jenna Mortensen, Little Miss; and Nikki Borba, Tiny Tot.

Winners were: Tandi Olsen, Tiny Tot; Whitney Murdock, Little Miss Elmo; Amber Barff, Princess; Tiffany Olsen, Jr. Miss Elmo; and Heidi VanWagoner, Miss Elmo.

Judges were Kimber Ellison, Careshmeh Mele and Kaylee VanWagoner.

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