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Clawson Day


Clawson Town celebrates with a parade.

On July 3 Clawson bustled with activities.

Early in the morning there was a breakfast at the city park which consisted of hot cakes, sausage, and orange juice. Later on in the day there was a parade on Main Street.

The parade had about two floats, a four wheeler, golf cart, and many children on bikes. A parade favorite was the float that said God Bless America.

This float was pulled by a tractor, on the hitch of the trailer a big pole with the American flag on top. On the back of the trailer was a rotating sign that read on one side "God Bless America" and on the other "Freedom."

Parade goers thought it was a really cool float with the revolving sign painted red, white and blue.

The parade was small, but everyone seemed really excited to be there. Clawson Day is an annual event.

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