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Historical Society FundRaiser

Contributing Writer

Jones Boys Band, Ron Jones, Pat Jones, Pete Jones, Sue Jones and Katherine Jones.

A large crowd attended The Emery County Historical Society, Fund Raising Event June 24, at the Castle Dale Park Pavilion. People came from all over Emery and Carbon counties. The desserts and salads were pot luck, but the spaghetti and sauce was furnished by the Historical Society and was served up by volunteers. This event was a combined activity with the Carbon County Historical Society.

The crowd was entertained by the Jones Boys Band, playing many old time polkas and western songs on guitars, banjos, tambourine, goat toe nails and spoons.

Sylvia Nelson read a tribute to Eva Westover Conover and Joyce Staley, secretary of the Emery County Historical Society, made the presentation of a plaque to Conover. Eva still lives in Ferron in the home built by her husband and she frequently visits her children. Eva Conover organized the Castle Valley Historical Society in 1977. She was assisted in this organization by her sister Roxie Westover Nelson. This recognition was for Conover's many years of service between 1977-80 when both Carbon and Emery counties formed their own chapters. Eva is now in her 90s as is Roxie.

The main event of the evening was Montell Seely regaling the audience with stories of his experiences crossing Iowa, pulling a hand cart (as did the pioneers). His program was titled Reliving the Pioneer Trail. Montell told of crossing East to West on the Mississippi River in a ferry boat filled with horse drawn wagons. When a train traveling along the Western bank, blew its whistle at a crossing, just as the ferry boat was nearing the shore, the horses became excited and almost caused a catastrophe. Montell also had several pioneer antique items on display for viewing.

This fund raiser was successful by all accounts. The next historical society event will be the cowboy poetry event on Aug. 19 at 6 p.m. at the Castle Valley outdoors. Dutch oven dessert and ice cream will accompany the activity. Local poets are encouraged to participate. Contact Pres. Bert Oman or V.P. Mervin Miles. Monies raised from the fundraiser are for local planned historical preservation projects.

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