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Relay for Life


Annual Fundraising Event for the Cancer Society Held in Castle Dale

The survivors take their victory lap to begin the relay.

The annual Relay for Life was held on July 9-10 at the Emery High Track. Event organizer, Cathy Sitterud, and cochair, Debbie Wilson said they more than exceeded their goal of $20,000 for research for a cure for cancer. Teams raised more than $24,000 at the event. Survivors were honored at a ceremony and they took to the track for their survivor's' lap to begin the relay. RP's Diner donated a spaghetti dinner for the participants. The luminary ceremony was held at dusk and Dana Olsen read a poem about honoring those lost to cancer.

Relay Reflections

I am tired. I smell. My feet hurt. My eyes feel like grit, and my head is pounding from lack of sleep...but I am grateful. I have all of my body parts with which I was born. I have all of my hair. I didn't lose my breakfast in a bucket. I can hold my children.

My house is a wreck. My car is full of junk. My children are exhausted, hungry and dirty...but I am grateful. I can clean my house and my car. I can bathe my children and feed them supper. I can read them a book and rock them to sleep while filling myself up with their clean little smells and my arms with warmth.

I will collapse in my bed tonight and pray for all the people we raised money for through Relay for Life. And, I will cry for all the people we were too late to help. I will give thanks for every minute of my life and for all the blessings in it.

I never ask myself why I wear myself out raising money for cancer because I know why. It's not for mom, who is a cancer survivor, or for friends who have died from cancer, or even my husband and children. I do it because...I can.

Kay Horton, Carroll County, Ga.

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