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Emery High Cheerleaders Shine at Camp

Guest Writer

Emery High cheerleaders pose with their awards.

Recently the Emery Cheerleaders attended cheer camp at the University of Utah, presented by National Cheerleading Association. They learned cheers, chants, dances, stunts and sportsmanship. At the end of each day they were evaluated on the new material they learned that day. They were also required to bring a home cheer/chant performance, and were also evaluated on that. On each evaluation, the team received superior ribbons, which goes to the teams who display strong technique, leads the crowd well, and performs with no noticeable mistakes. They also received a technical excellence certificate.

Another award the girls earned was the Spirit Stick. This is presented to the squads showing the most sincere spirit, while taking into account the attitude during classes, promptness, cooperation, relationship with other squads and leadership.

Six of the girls were nominated for the NCA All American Teams, selected by the NCA instructors. The girls nominated were: Ashley Flowers, Brittany Ungerman, Savanna Allred, Sammie Behling, Lyndi Jensen and Lacie Branson. These individuals displayed outstanding techniques in many of the following areas: jumps, tumbling, stunting, motion technique, leadership and dance. They had the opportunity to tryout for the NCA All American Team. Sammie Behling made the NCA team and has the opportunity to perform at the Hawaiian Bowl in Maui, or the Orange Bowl in Florida later this year.

At the final award ceremony the Emery High cheerleaders earned the most prestigious award at camp, the "Herkie T.E.A.M. Trophy." This award goes to the one squad that shows true team spirit, unity and leadership throughout the week.

Cheer camp is not only to learn about techniques, jumps and sportsmanship, but about each other. The girls worked as a team and showed great support for each other. They had a great time getting to know each other and every one of the girls at camp. The girls are to be commended for their accomplishments at camp, and they are excited about the upcoming school year.

The 2004-05 Emery High School Cheer Team are: Roxi Jackson (head cheerleader), Brittany Ungerman (co head cheerleader), Davie Stokes, Ashley Huntington, Misha Addley, Sammie Behling, Karlie Jensen, Kenzie Jensen, Lyndi Jensen, Tiffany Olsen, Stephanie Morash, Ashley Flowers, Savanna Allred, Kelsi Ekker, Ashton Hanson, Jacie Fasselin, Breann Bentley, Lacie Branson, Candice Jensen and Savahna Roach.

Cheer coaches are: Kisty Childs and Melissa Allred.

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