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Letter to the Editor: Appealed Gas permits

St. George

Dear Editor,

It has been reported that the Bureau of Land Management will offer 362,665 acres of land for oil and gas leasing. Watch for the appeals to be coming in protesting the drilling applications.

I cannot recall in the past years of a single gas or oil drilling permit application filed that was not appealed by the several radical environmental groups here in Utah. Would those groups that continually file appeals opposing drilling permits for oil and gas here in Utah answer me in this column.

Where are the oil companies to go for their petroleum products that are used by you and me?

To those of you that own automobiles and buy oil and gasoline ponder this thought in your mind. When all lands here in the United States are marked off limits because of wilderness designation or the endangered species act, lands that are similar but at present do not contain an endangered specie but might at a future date, where will we get the fuel to heat and cool our houses and power our automobiles? At the present time, we have nearly depleted the national oil reserve.

Now suppose these extreme radical environmentalists inform Bin Laden that we have stopped developing oil and gas reserves in the U.S. You take it from there. Choose your own demise and remember the mid east countries could stop producing oil for the US.

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