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Cross Country

The boys are off and running at the Emery meet in Ferron.

Cross Country Results

Uintah Ute Classic-Sept. 15

Girls times: Jessica Jensen-27:10 and Chelsea Benson-27:37.

Boys times: Jex Jensen-17:52, Taylor Jensen-18:49, Kendall Bird-18:50, Ryan Jensen-18:56, Newt Jensen-19:43, Darren Winn-21:12, Brandon Singleton-22:45, Anthony Hales-24:26, William Wheeler-25:48 and Kassidy Thompson-26:05.

The boys team took second with a score of 71.

Nebo Invitational

Girls times: Alexis Swasey-27:24, Jackie Rogers-28:19, Krystal Justice-25:33, Jessica Jensen-28:27, Chelsea Benson-28:38, Janice Greenburg-28:40 and Shawna Rogers-31:37.

Boys times: Jex Jensen-17:33, Ryan Jensen-18:12, Taylor Jensen-18:31, Kendall Bird-18:33, Newt Jensen-19:16, Darrin Winn-20:12, Levi Swasey-21:28, Brandon Singleton-22:30, Anthony Hales-22:56 and Kassidy Thompson-26:22.

Emery Meet

Girls times: Alexis Swasey-23:55, Leslie Urie-24:47, Krystal Justice-26:25, Jessica Jensen-26:31, Chelsea Benson-26:48, Becky Doria-27:18 and Shala Pitchforth-27:24.

Emery girls took second with a score of 28.

Boys times: Jex Jensen-17:13, Ryan Jensen-18:12, Tyler Killpack-18:20- Kendall Bird-18:30, Newt Jensen-18:53, Taylor Jensen-19:12, Darrin Winn-19:56, Levi Swasey-20:33, Brandon Singleton-21:29, Jake Jones-22:10, Derek Jensen-22:11, Anthony Hales-23:21, William Wheeler-25:30 and Kassidy Thompson-26:32.

Emery boys took second with a score of 50.

The cross country teams will compete at the region meet on Oct. 13 in Lehi. Girls will begin at 4 p.m. and the boys will begin at 4:30 p.m.

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