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Apparent Kidnapping in Huntington

An apparent kidnapping took place in Huntington in the early morning hours of Oct. 3. At 2:20 a.m. two Emery County deputies were approached in the Hart's parking lot by three Huntington residents. The female subject, informed the deputy that her 17 year old daughter had been taken against her will by two male subjects,19 and 21 years of age. The two subjects had come to the home of the 17 year old girl at approximately 2 a.m.

The mother expressed her frustration to the subjects at the late hour and suspected they could be drunk. The daughter went outside to talk to the subjects where she reported they invited her to "come party." The girl said she could not go and to go away. The girl then reported that the male subject grabbed her and put her over his shoulder and took her to his vehicle. The other male shut the vehicle door so the girl couldn't get out. The girl reported the subject driving was making sexual advances toward her and drove her to a Huntington residence.

The girl's parents seeing her being put into the vehicle, got dressed and headed over to the house where they thought the male subject had been staying. Upon the arrival of the girl's parents at the home, it is reported the male subjects ran out the back door and the girl ran out front to her parents. The parents and the girl then began looking for the deputies to make a report of what went on.

The deputies went to the residence to talk to the male subjects. One male subject was placed in handcuffs until the story could be figured out. The deputy questioned those at the home to determine the identity of the other male subject. With a description by the girl another male subject was apprehended. The two male subjects were transported to the Emery County jail.

The subjects have been charged with felony kidnapping.

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