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Ferron Hosts Open House at New Fire Station

The Dalmation in the fire truck squirts visitors at the new station.

On the evening of Oct. 8, the Ferron Fire Department hosted a grand opening at their new fire station.

Members of the fire department were on hand to demonstrate the equipment. A favorite of the children was the foam fire suppression machine.

Sliding in the residual spray on the sidewalk was a great activity. A fire fighter sprayed the outer brick wall of the new building with the foam to demonstrate the suppression capability of the foam as opposed to water.

The foam covers more completely and suppresses the fire almost instantly. With the 350 gallon water tank to supply the foam machine, the crew could fight a wildland fire for one hour, which is more efficient than just water.

Inside the fire station, free popcorn was being handed out to everyone, and the children who toured the station were given red fire fighter hats, pencils, coloring books, pins, bags and stickers. In one room of the station, an EMT was checking everyones blood pressure. Drawings for smoke detectors were held throughout the evening and many visitors went away with the new protection devices for their homes.

The Utah State Fire Marshal's Life Safety House was set up in the parking lot to give everyone a tour and educate the children concerning fire safety. The trailer travels around the state providing fire safety education to Utahns.

Members of the Ferron Fire Department are: Randy Nielson, chief, Gayland Dugmore, Dustin Rollins, Andy Deto, Tracy Nelson, Adam Wayman, Eddie Deto, Dustin Deto, Brian Frederick, Scott Ford, Byron Rollins, Mike Wayman, Idris Walker, Kevin Allridge, Steve Price and Jason Kava.

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