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Drew Sitterud Named to BLM Rac

Interior Secretary Gale Norton announced the appointments of new members to Utah's citizen-based Resource Advisory Council which advises the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) on public land issues.

"We value the input that the Utah Resource Advisory Council provides in helping the BLM manage America's public lands," Norton said. "I welcome our new members, thank them for their commitment, and look forward to their counsel as we work to improve the health and productivity of the public lands."

The BLM's Resource Advisory Councils (RACs), composed of citizens chosen for their expertise in natural resource issues, help the agency carry out its stewardship of 261 million acres of public lands. The Bureau, which manages more land than any other Federal agency, has 24 RACs across the West, where most BLM-managed land is located.

BLM Director Kathleen Clarke said, "RAC members bring a wealth of experience and a wide rage of perspectives to each of our councils. This diversity results in a balanced outlook that the BLM needs for its mission, which is to manage the public lands for multiple uses."

The new Council members, who will be serving three-year terms, include: Norman Carroll (reappointment), Orderville, Utah - Grazing; John Busch, Vernal, Utah - Energy and Minerals; Clair "Riley" Cutler, Salt Lake City, Utah - Dispersed Recreation; and Drew Sitterud, Ferron, Utah - Elected Official.

Utah BLM State Director Sally Wisely expressed her gratitude to Governor Walker and her staff that helped the BLM recruit and provide recommendations to Secretary Norton for this important citizens council.

Wisely also acknowledged the contributions of the outgoing Council members. "They helped establish a model for collaborative management of public lands."

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