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Letter to the Editor: Concerned Citizens speak out



Intimidation is used to persuade or dissuade by frightening. It is also used to create a feeling of fear, awe, or inadequacy in somebody. From medieval Latin intimidare, literally "to put in fear," from Latin timidus "fearful."

I believe intimidation is exactly what C.W. Mining Company uses to control its employees. It is now trying to scare or punish people who have supported these employees in their quest for higher wages and a better work environment.

C.W. Mining Company owned by the polygamous Kingston family has recently filed a federal lawsuit targeting individuals and groups who supported the picketing workers. They are also suing reporters who wrote stories about C.W. Mining's recent labor dispute. Defending oneself in this type of action can be very expensive, even if the suit is without merit. I believe this is the latest scheme to intimidate anyone who opposes their practice of paying low wages and not providing benefits.

What the Kingstons do not understand is that when people are speaking or writing the truth it is not slander or libel, nor is it defamation of character. The Kingstons also do not understand that although people might put up with intimidation for a time, they will not do it forever. Hopefully the workers who stood up to the Kingstons and the people who supported them will not be scared by this new scheme. I don't think they will be. Above all I hope the press doesn't shy away in the coverage of these events.

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