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Accident on I-70, Brings Homeland Security and FBI to Emery County

A call came in at 6 a.m. on Oct. 6 to the Emery County Dispatch alerting them that an ambulance was needed at the Gas-n-Go in Green River. A male subject and three children were in need of medical assistance. Their vehicle wrecked on I-70 and they hitched a ride into town with a truck driver. The four people were transported to Castleview Hospital in Price.

When Utah Highway Patrol Trooper Edward Bentley went out to the scene of the accident, a number of suspicious items were found. Literature containing information on how to construct a bomb was found at the scene. A bullet proof vest was also found and security guard uniforms, duty leather and a holster, but the man was not a security guard. Hidden at the scene in a wash was a 10 gauge shot gun. The gun was concealed in a package which looked like a seat cushion, and the package did not look like it concealed a weapon. The vehicle also contained information about the fault lines in California and where they lie and water line information concerning California. Anti-American literature was also found as well as camouflage clothing.

These suspicious items brought the Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to the scene for investigation into the matter. Det. Sgt. Robert Blackburn from the Emery County Sheriff's Office also aided in the search. Blackburn reported that the vehicle had originated in California and was traveling to Denver, Colo. at the time of the accident. The driver was Ruben Yepez Oseguera, 60, traveling with him were his two sons and a granddaughter. The driver did not speak English and the officers from the various agencies spoke with him through translators.

Oseguera told officers that he was transporting the children to Denver. He said he has custody of the two sons. Their mother came and picked them up at the hospital and recovered their belongings from the Emery County Sheriff's Office. Everything at the scene of the accident has been transported to the sheriff's office.

Officer Tim Charde of Homeland Security said the Emery County Sheriff's Office released Oseguera to be transported to a hospital up north. He is suffering with head and spine injuries. Charde reported they had closed the investigation into the case. It appears Oseguera is here in the country legally and possesion of a gun is not a crime. Charde described the whole incident as being very strange, but not illegal. He said the highway patrol might file charges because Oseguera was operating a vehicle without a valid driver's license and the vehicle did not have license plates or registration information.

Violations also included improper lane travel, seat belt violations, no insurance and giving false information to an officer. Oseguera also left the scene of the accident.

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