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Letter to the Editor: Emergency Awareness Fair

By SHARON K. EARL, Administrative Coordinator Emery County Chamber of Commerce

Dear Editor,

On Fri. Oct. 8, 2004, Emery County had its first Emergency Awareness Fair. Although the public attendance was small, there was a great deal of information available there.

There were over 25 different organizations displaying at this fair. Utah Power provided a display on what to do if you were in a disaster and there were broken power lines down. The Earthquake Lady was giving demonstrations on what to do in an earthquake, and guess what, we do have earthquakes in Emery County. We had several retail businesses there with supplies and necessities for a disaster.

We had the bomb squad, the drug dogs, the fire departments and many other disaster units there.

Judy Lang and Sgt. Martin Wilson did a very good job and as the Emery County Chamber of Commerce, I would like to say we appreciate you. It is a lot of hard work with little thanks.

I think the people who attended took home valuable information. If we were unfortunate enough to experience a real disaster, they would know what to do to help themselves and to help someone who didn't take the time to find out what to do for themselves.

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