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Community Theatre, Drama Club Delight Audiences with Pirates of Penzance

Lance K. Wright sings 'I am the Major General' during the Pirates of Penzance

Even though you just knew that "and they all lived happily ever after" would be the ending, the cast, the crew of the Pirates of Penzance kept the audience happily engaged trying to figure out just how. The musical was presented on March 15, 16, and 18 at the Emery High Auditorium.

The first thing that caught your eye was the big ship on stage, large enough to hold the whole rocking crew, who sang and happily mixed it up. But the added surprise was watching it sail merrily off the stage. The rest of the scenery was just as well done, telling the tale and adding to it immeasurably.

The rollicking cast of characters was played by the Emery High School students of the drama classes and club, along with the Emery County Community Theatre. The director was Neal Peacock; choreographer, Shannon Erickson; and vocal director, Natalie Blackwell. To add frosting to the cake, musical director, Tim Farr, and company set the scenes, and wowed the audience with 20 musicians and live music coming from the large orchestra pit.

The costumes were as colorful as the characters. There were 10 bawdy pirates, 12 sort-of shy and giggly sisters, and 18 "keystone" type cops with macaroni legs who kept the audience laughter level high, besides the noble Pirate King (Royd Hatt), young Fredrick (Ren Hatt), and his love interest Mabel (Bethany Peacock), the Major General, and father to all the sisters, Lance K. Wright; adaptable Ruth, Annell Jackson; the limber legged Sergeant, Larry Saling; and Sam, played by Kenny Larsen and Queen Victoria, played by Ilene Lofthouse.

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