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Ferron Auxiliary American Legion

Tiffany Funk accepts the western region award for her essay from Unit #42 President, Dixie Swasey.

The American Legion Auxiliary Unit #42 of Ferron, recently awarded Tiffany Funk, a Ferron Elementary student, the prize for winning the Americanism Essay contest. Tiffany was first selected in unit competition. Her entry went on to district and regional competition. She won the Western States Division, Class 1 award, with her essay. Tiffany is the daughter of Greg and Jessica Funk.

Tiffany's essay was titled Every Heart Beats True for the Red, White and Blue�Old Glory. The essay read: "Whenever I see the flag of the United States I remember, I'm free! Don't you feel like that?

"When the flag blows freely in the wind, what do you feel? Do you feel sad, or glad, even hopeful for the people fighting there?

"Over 200 years ago the flag was first made because the people in our country wanted to be free. We needed a symbol for people to remember the reason why we were fighting and dying for this country we love.

"Today, people are fighting and dying for the same reasons. They look at the flag and remember the reasons they want to defend our country.

"I hope that we all appreciate our freedom. All the people who have died in the war, died for us. I am very grateful for the people who have fought for my freedom, and I'm grateful for the people fighting now.

"I can't fight in a war for myself, but I can look at the flag and remember." Tiffany wrote the essay in her fourth grade year during the last school year.

Dixie Swasey, chapter president, expressed her extreme pleasure in being able to recognize Tiffany for her efforts and patriotism. Tiffany's entry was selected best from students in 11 western states and provinces.

Carol Riddle, girls state chairperson, then introduced five of the young women who participated in girls state this year. The first to report was Ashley Jensen, followed by Kristine Johansen, Karrie Johansen, Kenzie Jensen and Karlie Jensen. Each girl reported concerning the town at girls state where she was assigned and the office that she ran for. Each girl participated in a different settings from the others and each related how wonderful the experience was to make many new friends and learn so much about America, the flag, the government and the political process.

Riddle has been named to be a counselor at girls nation this year, which will be held in Washington, D.C. in July 2005, and she stated that she is anxiously looking forward to that. She also mentioned that the auxiliary is in the process of collecting items for the personal boxes to be sent to the service men and women from Emery County who are stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Donations of money for postage and personal items and snack items are needed.

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