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Emery County 4-H Horsemanship


Kelby Farnsworth showed in the State Two-Handed Show and took a ninth place on her test, a fourth place in the Trail Class, and finished the show in 12th place. Showing her horse, Xena, she continued the next two days in the State Individual Show and placed second in Fitting and Showmanship, putting her at 10th place in judged events. She finished in ninth place in the poles and sixth place overall for speed events. Kelby finished a very respectable fourth place all-around in that show.

The Emery County 4-H Horsemanship Program is flourishing and making a mark at the state contests and counties throughout the state are taking notice. Emery County 4-H Horsemanship contestants competed at three state contests this year which included the State Team Show, the State Two-Handed Show, and the State Individual Show. At the State Team Show, Emery County sent two teams to Heber City to compete, and the first team took second all-around to the rest of the state teams. This team consisted of Tawny Conder, Amy Langston, Laura Wright, and Arlene Cunningham. The other team members performed well, but were short a team member because of vehicle problems and that put them at a great disadvantage. This team consisted of Bailey Bohn, Misha Johnson, Samantha Rudman, and Vickie Rudman.

On Sept. 23, Emery County Horsemen traveled to Washington County to compete in the State Two-Handed Contest. This contest is for horses 5 years or younger, which have not been shown more than three years, and have only been shown in a snaffle bit. Camie Whittle certainly shined at this show. After working hard all year training and showing her two-handed horse, she finished ahead of the Junior Division contestants in the first place all-around spot. Another Emery County Horseman, Dakin Allred, showed off his skills by training a young horse himself and ended up in second place all-around. Mandy Langston, deciding late in the summer to show a two-handed horse, took the sixth place spot. In the Intermediate Division, Cade Whittle and Kelby Farnsworth made Emery County proud by taking fifth place and 12th place, respectively.

The State Individual Horsemanship Contest began bright and early on Sept. 24, and for the second year in a row Emery County came home with a first place winner. In 2003, Ben Toomer received the highest state award ranking first in the Junior Division. This year, Amy Langston placed first all-around and brought home the buckle in the Senior Division. In the Intermediate Division, Emery County took three of the top five all-around placings: Cade Whittle second place, Kelby Farnsworth fourth place, and Ben Toomer fifth place. The Junior Division had two top 10 all-around placings: Mandy Langston fourth place, and Dakin Allred eighth place.

There are three age divisions in this 4-H program - Senior Division, Intermediate Division,

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