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Election Wrap-up

Voters state their name to the election judges in Huntington.

Emery County totals in the Nov. 3, 2004 General Election. The canvassing of the election will take place on Nov. 16 at noon in the small conference room of the county building on Main Street in Castle Dale.

President and Vice President of the United States

George W. Bush-3,792; John F. Kerry-830; Michael Anthony Peroutka-29; Charles Jay-3; Michael Badnarik-11; Ralph Nader-23; James Harris-0.

United States Senate

Robert F. Bennett-3,440; R. Paul Van Dam-1,062; Gary R. Van Horn-73; Joe LaBonte-44.

U.S. House of Representatives Congressional District 2

John Swallow-2,331; Jim Matheson-2,254; Jeremy Paul Petersen-36; Ronald R. Amos-17

Patrick S. Diehl-12.

Governor and Lt. Governor

Jon M. Huntsman, Jr.-2,746; Scott M. Matheson, Jr.-1,845; Ken Larsen-56.

Attorney General

Mark L. Shurtleff-3,325; Gregory G. Skordas-1,136; W. Andrew McCullough-124.

State Auditor

Auston G. Johnson-3,008; Carlos Vasquez-1,052; Mike Stoddard-222; Valerie S. Larsen-219.

State Treasurer

Edward T. Alter-2,731; Debbie Hansen-1,508; Mary A. Petersen-183; Jim Elwell-82

State Senator, State Senate District 27

Phillip O. Peay-1,498; Mike Dmitrich-3,019; William P. Sharp-120.

State House of Representatives District 70

Brad Johnson-3,394; Bob A Sharp-485.

County Commissioner-4 year term

Drew Sitterud-2,421; Gary L. Petty-2,209.

Emery County School District #1

Samuel M. Singleton-851

Emery County School District #2

Rue P. Ware-827

Emery County School District #3

Laurel S. Johansen-764

Retention Elections

For Supreme Court

Christine M. Duram-yes-3,578-no-534; Matthew B. Durrant-yes-3,415-no-568; Michael J. Wilkins-yes-3,378-no-575.

For Court of Appeals

William A. Thorne, Jr.-yes-3,485-no-722

Constitutional Amendment #1-yes-2,631-no-1,685; Amendment #2-yes-2,017-no-2,249; Amendment #3-yes-3,475-no-1,036; State Initiative #1-yes-1,332 -no-3,082.

In the second congressional race, Emery County voters had a greater number of votes for John Swallow, but district wide, Jim Matheson was the winner. Sen. Mike Dmitrich retains his seat in the State Senate which is good news for rural residents in the district.

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