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Prom Night Fright

Roseanne Mecham and Brett White as Frankie and Big Charley.

Characters-in order of appearance: Dr. Crandall, a psychic investigator-Mike Jensen

Mabel, his devoted assistant-Chantel Jackson

Big Charlie Bigsby, a ghostly gangster-Brett White

Frankie, his ghostly moll-Roseanne Meacham

Arella, a heavenly caseworker-Ashley Sitterud

Mrs. Weltman, new worker of the Candlewick Inn-Leslie Fuller

Marti Weltman, her daughter-Tawny Conder

Julie Granger, a popular teenager-Ashlin White

Veronica, Julie's rival-Whitney Jensen

Annie, Julie's best friend-BritLee Ward

Cherri, Veronica's best friend-Meriah Maxfield

Dillon, Julie's prom date, a popular teenager-Tate Jensen

Jodene, chairperson of the prom committee-Shaylie Huntington

Lyle, friend of Dillon, Veronica's prom date-Jordan Grange

R.J., another friend, Cherri's date-Robby Kemple

Madeline Gray, French teacher and prom advisor-Lori Larsen

Barney Burroughs, a helpful janitor-John Staley

Stanley, the class nerd-Cole Bunderson

Jane Fosdick, society editor of the local newspaper-Jackie Rogers

Mr. Bentner, Franklin High principal-Klint Eastman

Mrs. Bentner, his wife-Lesley Emery

Prom dates: Colten Vanderherp, Treasa Colby, Rachel Rasmussen, Karen Espino, Naomi Fortner, Lyndee Rogers and Jessica Brinkerhoff.

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