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Veteran's Day: New plaque unveiled in Emery park

Merlin Christiansen salutes the American Flag at the ceremony in Emery.

The veterans were honored in a special ceremony on Veteran's Day at the Emery park. Merlin Christiansen welcomed the crowd. The San Rafael junior high choir sang the Star Spangled Banner and the audience recited the pledge of allegiance. A moment of silence was also observed in remembrance of Veterans and their sacrifices for the United States of America.

Christiansen said it was a great moment to come together for the unveiling of the new plaque honoring Emery Veterans. He said the old plaque has been in place for 50 years honoring those serving in World War I and II. Christiansen said he appreciated Judi Riddle at the city office for helping him with the project and the city council for funding the project. Ken Christiansen poured the new cement surrounding the monument and he worked with his son Kent on cleaning up the old plaque and making the names more visible.

Merlin said the monument is to honor all Veterans abroad and on the homefront. He said six people from Emery have lost their lives in defense of their country and paid the ultimate price for freedom. He honored wives and mothers who sent their men off to war and suffered great hardships in doing so.

Merlin Christiansen and the newly unveiled plaque with the names of Veterans from Emery.

Mike Williams, mayor of Emery Town spoke next. He said that throughout the country on this day, ceremonies are being held to honor those who have perished in war; the brave men and women who have risked their lives to protect and promote peace and to pronounce their ideals. More people now live under a democratic rule than at any other point in history. Our nation is stronger because of those willing to serve and sacrifice.

Williams explained the origins of Veteran's Day which used to be called Armistice Day marking the end of World War I on Nov. 11, 1918. It was changed to Veteran's Day to honor all Veterans from all wars and those dying in service to their country. He said he is proud of the Williams name on the plaque and his family members who have served their country. "I hope this plaque will be a place to come and remember those who have served," said Williams.

Merlin Christiansen and Boyd Jacobsen were invited by the mayor to take care of the unveiling of the new plaque.

The choir sang God Bless America to close the program. The audience came forward to admire the new plaque and find names of friends and loved ones.

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