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"Where's Charley?"

The cast of "Where's Charley" sing and dance.

Green River High School drama department recently presented Where's Charley? The play is based on the movie Charley's Aunt, and is the musical version of that production.

Jessica Jenkins directed the performances and Tony Mayall served as student director.

Members of the cast were: Josh Dunham as Charley Wykeham, Kaden Robertson as Jack Chesney, McKenzie Spadafora as Kitty Verdun, Savannah Bayles as Amy Spettigue, Tony Mayall as Brassett, Nicolas Brady as Sir Francis Chesney, Jacob Dunwoody as Mr. Spettigue, Andrea Thornton as Donna Lucia D'Alvadorez, Nick Burns as Wilkinson and Abby Dunham as Patricia.

The students were: Kelsey Swalberg, Leah Swalberg, Mandy Watterson, Natalie Newland, Savannah Black, Christy Bowerman, Sammy Arnold, Adrian Lucero, Kaleb Fail, Jon Wilske, Earl Nelson and Ross Coomer. The play was presented three nights.

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