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Chad Hymas visits area schools

Student Writer

Chad speaks with students at Cottonwood Elementary.

Three years ago Chad Hymas was involved in a farming accident that would change his life forever. While on his way to the farm where he worked he received a call from his wife. She told him that his little boy was taking his first steps and to hurry home to see him.

Before he could go home he had to run to the farm and feed the elk. Hymas was lifting a bale of hay with the tractor when one of the hydraulics went out on the lift. The bucket tipped back and dropped a one ton bale of hay on him.

This crushed his back and he could barely breathe. Hymas was crushed like this for 45 minutes. His wife got worried and came looking for him. She found him crushed like this and called the paramedics.They lifeflighted Hymas to University hospital.

The doctors told him he would never have the use of his hands again. A few months later he learned how to push his wheelchair around without any help. Last week Hymas came to Emery County schools to speak. Since that tragic day Chad and his wife have been on the road, and going around to schools. Hymas is now the president of the National Speakers Association Utah chapter.

On Veteran's Day Emery High school had the opportunity of having Hymas speak. The assembly started off by having a moment of silence for our troops serving in Iraq. Hymas changed the first of the Assembly by asking the sound and video crew to play a special music video. This was an emotional video on supporting President Bush.

"It does not matter whether you agree or disagree with the war or the president we all need to support our troops," said Hymas. The assembly was very entertaining and inspiring. The highlight was when Hymas unexpectedly called Principal Gwen Callahan and Coach Darrell Gardner to the stage to try a wheelie. Callahan did it just fine with the help of JJ Grant. Coach Gardner however got up without any help, but he tipped the chair over and had a hard time getting back up. The audience had a good laugh out of that. The assembly ended with Hymas telling the audience that dreams can happen and to not let anyone tell you otherwise.

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