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Let's Give Thanks


Madden Salisbury, Tyler Butler and Ashlynn Hilliard dance in the "Many Running Children" tribe.

The "Many Running Children" tribe converged at their preschool for a mini powwow on Nov. 23 in Huntington. Their teacher Carol Ann Stream said, "They have spent the last few weeks learning about the first Thanksgiving and preparing for their powwow. They have constructed amulets made out of seeds and they also made either bear or eagle claw necklaces. They made headbands with feathers and drums out of oatmeal containers.

"We had authentic Indian powwow music provided by Tillie Winder. We also made buckskin vests out of paper sacks. The children have really enjoyed making the items in preparation for their powwow. They all wanted to take everything home immediately to show their parents and it was hard for them to wait for the big day. We have also made Indian stew this month and the children all brought a vegetable from home and prepared it themselves for the stew. If it was a potato then they had to peel it or if it was a canned vegetable they would open it themselves and pour it into the stew.

"We also taught the children how to grind corn like the Indians used to do. They took a large rock and ground the corn out on the cement patio. It took awhile for them to get a little bit ground up and I pointed out to them how hard it would be to grind enough corn to make bread. We baked cornbread muffins that day which we made from a mix.

"We also talked about the Indian helper, Squanto who helped the first Pilgrims and we talked about how they lived on their ship until they were able to build houses on the land. Also, to go along with our Indian unit we will visit the CEU Prehistoric Museum in January and look at all of the Indian artifacts.

"The children learned four songs about Indians and also some dances. We danced around the teepee that was set up in the front yard and all of the parents and friends of the tribe were invited to come and see what the children had learned. It's really been a lot of fun and now we will begin preparing for our Christmas program which will be held on Dec. 21," said Stream.

The "Many Running Children" tribe included: Klint Allred, Jasa Bell, Tyler Butler, Kaitlyn Carter, Makayla Deabenderfer, Joseph Emery, Ashlynn Hilliard, Lainee Jensen, Shekiya Jensen, Makyan Nielson, Raegan Rasmussen, Sienna Riggle, Jayla Weston, Zac World, Litzi Villalba, Courtney Baker, Fatima Acosta, Ambree Bennett, Leslie Curtis, Doug Dennison, Easton Gordon, Dariyan Nelson, Elizabeth Nielson, Jarrell Nobles, Abbey Potter, Brooke Potter, Madden Salisbury, Sydney Terwilleger, Logan Whiteleather and Cody Wilstead.

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