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Letter to the Editor: Patriotism

St. George

Dear Editor,

Being a veteran of World War II, serving under General George S. Patton, a man I will always hold in the highest regard. I was asked to sing our National Anthem at the High School Final Rodeo season ending June 12 in Heber. Shortly thereafter I was asked by Principal Mitchell Myers of Delta South Elementary School in Delta, if I would sing our National Anthem at his school on Nov. 11, Veterans Day Program. He requested I sing it exactly as I had in Heber. Principal Myers said he wanted his students to show their honor and respect to those veterans of the service attending the program, but he also wanted to teach his students love, honor and respect of Old Glory.

He wanted them to understand why they stand up, place their hand over their hearts when Old Glory passes by them in a parade or come into the auditorium for a program. Or why it is sung before the beginning of a sporting event, and why they should show their respect on each occasion.

I consented. Then in the following weeks, I had a hundred negative feelings on just how a patriotic, rousing program a bunch of kids in an elementary school could put on.

What a surprise. A young girl, probably fifth or sixth grade, played Taps, and did it to perfection. Then another young girl, probably second grade sang America with the clearest, unwavering voice for a young person to have. Those that spoke did just that. They spoke up, clearly, they shut up, they sat down.

I could go on, but in conclusion I will go to Delta next year and listen to the Delta South Elementary School put on their Veterans Day Program. It will be worth my time and your too.

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