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Farm Service Voting to end on Dec. 6

Farmers and ranchers still have time to vote and make a difference in how the USDAs Farm Service Agency programs are administered. The FSA county committee elections began Nov. 8 and will continue until Dec. 6.

"FSA county committees give local producers a voice in how federal farm programs are administered in their communities," said Kent Jorgensen. "They play an important role by making decisions on commodity price support loans and payments; conservation and disaster programs; and other important agricultural issues."

Producers were sent elections ballots in the mail recently and must return their properly completed ballot by Dec. 6. Eligible producers who did not receive ballots by mail should contact their local USDA service centers. Candidates for the Carbon/Emery FSA county committee elections in Lawrence, Huntington, Cleveland and Elmo include: Jim Atwood; Ted Curtis; and Eugene Winder.

Anyone who participates or cooperates in a local FSA program is of legal voting age, and meets eligible voter criteria may vote. Committee members serve three year terms.

"Agriculture producers can make a positive contribution to their communities by voting in the current FSA county committee elections," said Jorgensen. "FSA encourages all eligible farmers and ranchers to participate in the county committee election process to ensure it more accurately represents local communities. African-Americans, Asian-Americans, American Indians, Hispanics, women, and other minority farmers are especially encouraged to participate."

"Increased diversity on FSA county committees will help ensure that federal programs meet the needs of producers in a fair and equitable fashion," said Jorgensen.

Learn more about FSA county committees by visiting the USDA service center or on-line at

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