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Junior Highs ready for wrestling tourney

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Davin Bennett, SRJH, wrestles against Addison Collard, CVJH. Collard later pins Bennett in the match.

The local junior high school wrestling season draws to a close next Wed Dec. 9 at Canyon View Junior High. The host school looks like the team to beat again as they perennially are.

Canyon View is coached by Doug Mecham, Reed Fehlberg and Rick Bird while Yory Allred coaches San Rafael.

Wrestling this season for Canyon View are Ben Cook at 81 lbs., Chase Sherman at 87 lbs., Cort Jensen and Zach Walls at 93 lbs., Dusty Jensen and Haden Hatch at 99 lbs., Addison Collard and Colton Wilcox at 105 lbs., Jace Guymon and Keith Bird at 111 lbs., Yoshio Espino and Brett Johnson at 118 lbs., Chance Ariotti and Jacob Marshall at 124 lbs., Jake Nielson and Jake Gardner at 132 lbs., Mike Jones at 140 lbs., Derrick Allred at 148 lbs., Kaeden Murdock at 155 lbs., Nathan Cook and Drew Bohn at 165 lbs., Wade Bohn at 175 lbs. and Tracy Jackson, Caleb Jones and Jake Young at heavyweight.

Wrestling this season for San Rafael are Garrett Horton and Jessie Jewkes at 81 lbs., Jason Giles at 87 lbs., Brandz Woolsey at 99 lbs., Vern Kofford, Jonathan Colby and Chase Humphrey at 105 lbs., Davin Bennett, Scott Larsen, Jordon Ockey and JT Noyes at 111 lbs., Caleb Worthen and Levi Swasey at 118 lbs., Jordon Phelps and Cade Whittle at 124 lbs., Daniel Wheeler at 132 lbs., Eian Cunningham and Cody Thompson at 140 lbs., Dustin Nielson at 148 lbs., Jesse McArthur at 155 lbs., Trevor Mitcheson at 165 lbs., Kenny Baker at 175 lbs. and Bo Bloomer and Morgan Clark at heavyweight.

Canyon View tied Mont Harmon at 42 each in their opening match and then defeated San Rafael 57-30, East Carbon 60-30, Helper 54-42, Mont Harmon 57-33 and San Rafael 72-30.

Undefeated varsity wrestlers for the Cougars this season are Addison Collard, Jace Guymon, Chance Ariotti, Mike Jones, Wade Bohn and Tracy Jackson.

Canyon View also took seven wrestlers this year to the Spanish Fork Junior High wrestling tournament with well over 1,000 participants and the local kids did very well. Mike Jones and Wade Bohn took first place, Tracy Jackson and Nathan Mecham took second place, Chance Ariotti and Drew Bohn took fourth place and Spencer Fehlberg took fifth place.

Coach Doug Mecham had this to say about his team, "We started off a little sluggish this year but the team worked hard and is getting stronger. We expect to do well at the tournament and hope to repeat as both league and tournament champions. We have had great leadership from the experienced wrestlers, especially Mike Jones and Wade Bohn."

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