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Cyrano de Bergerac

Cyrano de Bergerac does a bit of jousting with an enemy.

Cyrano de Bergerac, a five act play was recently performed by the Emery High School Drama department. The play is set in Paris, France over a period of 15 years beginning in 1640. A love story featuring Cyrano de Bergerac, whose biggest drawback is the size of his nose. He is in love with the rich and beautiful Roxane.

A young, handsome soldier, Christian, arrives on the scene with designs on Roxane. Not only is Christian interested in Roxane, but other wealthy men in the community also have plans for her. The story, filled with misunderstandings and twisted plot lines, leads to a very interesting turn of events.

The play takes the audience to the war with the Spanish in the siege of Arras. Cyrano and Christian are serving in the French military and Roxane is lured by Christian's letters (written by Cyrano) to help on the supply lines for the troops. Upon Christian's death in the war, Roxane locks herself in a nunnery, vowing never to love another man.

Monique Stream and Travis Bunderson share a moment together as Brandt Peacock, Cyrano de Bergerac, looks interested.

Years later, when Roxane realizes that she actually loves Cyrano, because it was his letters and poetry that captured her heart, Cyrano turns up for a visit but is mortally wounded. In his last grand gesture, Cyrano dies proudly, on his feet, claiming his purity.

Members of the cast were: Cyrano-Brandt Peacock; Christian-Travis Bunderson; Roxane-Monique Stream; Duenna-Alissa Cox; Rageneau-Seth Bott; LeBret-Brandon Singleton; Comte de Guiche-Andrew Taylor; Montfluery-Matt Guymon; Ligniere-Anthony Hales; Jodelet-Derek Jensen; Valvert-Kory Scow; Marquis-Chad Larsen, Samuel Doria, Tyler Swenson and Greg Maier; orange girl-Jasha Hinkins; flower girl-Shontelle Weaver; D'Artagnan-Dereck Brotherson; meddler-Jex Jensen; musketeer-Asa Wright; gentleman-Erik Nelson; cutpurse-Bruce Bell; thief-Misty Allen; lady-Kamber Jensen; strumpets-Ashley Flowers and Stephanie Nielson; bystanders-Shala Pitchforth, Shawna Rogers and Lacey Howard.

The Emery High Drama department contains some very talented students who played more than one part, and those parts are not listed. Neal Peacock directed the play and Merilee Cox acted as assistant director. Other technical support people were: lighting-Brian Ison; sound-Kamron Perkins; set design-Travis Bunderson; set construction-Brandt Peacock, Travis Bunderson; Brian Ison and Jessie Peacock; business managers-Mandy Weihing and Alexis Swasey; and costumes were provided by Pioneer Theater Company, and Merilee Cox.

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