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BLM Extends Time for Travel Plan Comments

The Price Field Office of the Bureau of Land Management initially released the Environmental Assessment for the San Rafael Route Designation Plan February 7, 2002. The objective of the San Rafael Route Designation Plan is to establish a vehicle network which would provide recreational and other access to public lands while at the same time protecting sensitive natural and cultural resources. The Plan implements a decision reached by the BLM in 1991 when it completed the San Rafael Resource Management Plan. This land use plan directed BLM to identify and designate specific vehicle routes within "Limited Use Areas" where vehicle use is restricted to designated roads and trails. The plan affects over 1.1 million acres of public lands.

Four alternatives with specific objectives designed to resolve conflicts and concerns with the resources and manageability and analyzed. Alternatives range from designating all 1,074 miles of inventoried routes to designating 580 miles of routes.

BLM has received a request to extend the public comment period beyond the current March 22 date. BLM has reviewed the request and is granting an extension of the public comment period on the San Rafael Route Designation Plan until April 22.

Written comments should be submitted to : BLM, Attn: Route Designation Plan, 125 S. 600 W., Price UT 84501.

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