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Letter to the Editor: Appreciation


To the editor:

It seems that people only write to the editor when they have a complaint. With this letter, I would like to express my appreciation to Orangeville City and its workers. They make sure the streets and sidewalks are cleaned off when it snows, usually after hours. They put up the many Christmas decorations that make our town look festive. And, in the summer, they plant and care for the flowers and trees that beautify our little community. They have hired a crossing guard and installed new signs to keep our school children safe. They attend training sessions that enable them to do their jobs better. They enact laws that make our town a better place to live. They listen when there is a problem and they try to represent all the citizens with their decisions. They have the courage to run for office. And, they take all the guff that people give them over everything they do.

To Orangeville City and its workers, know that you are appreciated for the fine jobs that you do.

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